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  John Drawbridge

Essays by Dr Damian Skinner
Contributions from Robert Macdonald and Tony Drawbridge
Photographs by Helena Fierlinger
Designed by Dave Kent

297 x 297mm hardcover with French-fold jacket
264 pages with 3 foldouts
250 full colour plates and120 photographs

Standard Edition
Printed on 150 gsm paper

Collectors' Edition
Printed on 170 gsm paper
'Aspiriing' DVD about the experiences of Brian Brake, Douglas Lilburn, James K Baxter and John Drawbridge as they ascent Mount Aspiring in the Southern Alps in 1949. This is an unfinished film due to the untimely death of the lead actor. Made by Gibson Group Ltd, TVNZ produced.

Finally, a book that shows the breadth and depth of John Drawbridge (1930 – 2005), one of this country’s most significant artists. Included in this large format book of 264 pages. There are two 5 page and one 3 page spreads and abundant examples illustrating Drawbridge’s brilliance in fields as diverse as oil and watercolour painting, large public murals, printmaking and stained glass.

You will see the Beehive mural, the New Zealand House (London) / Archive New Zealand mural, the Expo 70 / National Library of New Zealand mural and John’s 14 Stations of the Cross stained glass works at the Home of Compassion Chapel, Island Bay.

The Mind of an Artist & the Hands of a Craftsman

John Drawbridge was a brilliant and diverse visual artist. His knowledge of art theory and technique, together with his wonderful sense of aesthetic enabled him to create a challenging, exciting and varied body of work. Oil and watercolour painter, printmaker, muralist, stained glass artist and textile creator, John possessed the mind and soul of an artist and the hands of a craftsman.
His passion for art and education drew him to teaching. From 1964, until he retired, John taught Printmaking and Creative Studies at the Wellington School of Design. His many students remember him as an inspiring and patient teacher. 

With an artistic career spanning 50 years, highlights comprise of being invited to exhibit at the 10th International Bianco e Nero Exhibition in Lugano (1968), Switzerland, where he won a major prize for his work. He was awarded an MBE in 1978 and received an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from Massey University in 2002. His work is held in collections all over the world including the British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Cincinnati Museum, The San Francisco Museum and museums in New Zealand




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